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Need A Sub Activity or Video

Wasn't online learning the very best??? Just kidding. It was the hardest time of my life.

However, I have tons of videos for Creative Writing that I recorded and will share with you!

These would be great for a sub day. I will admit, I have not gone back and edited them to be less specific for my classes. (If there is enough interest, I will) but I thought I would share them anyway, because I know if you need a sub, you are not feeling up to making super incredible lessons for while you are away.

They also might be helpful if you have not taught Creative Writing for a while. I will group them by topic

POETRY: Goes over terms and examples of mentor texts Goes over extended metaphors in texts Goes over free verse Poetry Project (if interested) Poem Analysis (1)

Point of View: Discusses 1st, 3rd POV etc.

Conflict: Conflict + Character


Character: Round Vs. Flat Characters

Showing V. Telling Introduces the idea Goes more in depth and has an intro activity. Mostly activities for students to do Final Activity for students to do

Jobs in Creative Writing

How does a Book Get Published

Peer Revision: Reminds students of the ways to respond to a peers work

Other: Short video giving students a way to use Pinterest for their writing (Pinterest is often blocked by schools as it is a social media site)

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