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In the Cards: 

Top Ten/Judges Choice Ink and Insights 2020

What would you Sacrifice to be Heard?

         In Kaybrum, magic isn't outlawed, but it's far from accepted. At seventeen years old, Korvo has spent his life learning all society will teach him and campaigning for the freedom of his fellow Magics. When a young fire magic arrives in the city, tensions rise among his adopted family. Change can't come fast enough for Aer, and soon she and Korvo find themselves on different routes to the same end.

            Looking for guidance the only way he knows how, Korvo continually consults his fortune-telling cards. But they hint of disaster and change, victory and pain, and offer little clarity on which side will come away victorious. With the future of Magics hanging in the balance, Korvo must make a choice: abandon his friends to their anger or risk failure to keep his friends safe.

In the Cards 

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