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Hello and welcome to my site. 

My name is Emily K. Bray and I grew up loving stories. They can be about anything or anyone and take you on an amazing journey. 

I am publishing my debut book In the Cards with Torchflame Books. Check back for updates. 

I currently also work as a high school Creative Writing, Drama, and English teacher in Washington. I love working with students expanding their creative natures and helping them to love the magic of words. 

My free time is spent training my wonderful dog, Quinn, and practicing all kinds of creative pursuits. 

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Graduate Willamette University BA in English 

with a Creative Writing Emphasis

Publication in "Chrysalis" Willamette's Literary Magazine 

High School Creative Writing Teacher since 2014

National Board Certified Teacher for English Language Arts since 2017

Top Ten in 2020 Ink and Insights Apprentice Division

Judges Favorite 2020 Ink and Insights Competition

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